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53 Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites That Actually Work (and how to bookmark QUICKLY)

One way backlinks to the pages of a domain give it authority in Google over time. One strategy to gain these backlinks is to bookmark your content in social bookmarking sites that do not use the ‘nofollow’ tag. Generally speaking, the higher the PageRank (PR) of the site, the better.

Fully-Automated Social Bookmarking Software for FAST Submission

The key to effective social bookmarking is to do it on a large scale - if you bookmark content on a regular basis and submit to as many sites as you can, you can drive thousands of backlinks to your domain over time.

As you can see from this page, there are no shortage of sites to submit to, but to do it effectively you need an automated software tool to do the work for you. Trying to submit manually would take hours of your time for every piece of content!

IMAutomator is a fully-automated online social bookmarking service that can bookmark your content to multiple sites in mere seconds! You plug in your URL and other details, choose the sites to submit to and how fast you want your submissions to be made and you're done!

A submission schedule is created according to the speed you chose, and the software will go and submit your bookmark to your chosen sites on complete auto-pilot. You can check on the progress of your jobs at any time and browse through all the bookmarks that have been created for you.

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The DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites List

UPDATED 13th May 2015

  1. Digg (7)
  2. Diigo (7)
  3. Demand Design (6)
  4. Field Watch (6)
  5. Folkd (6)
  6. Parrot Headset (6)
  7. Poster For Tomorrow (6)
  8. Snark Free (6)
  9. Sys 0759 (6)
  10. The Texaco (6)
  11. All Ribbons Ball (5)
  12. Beatle Apps (5)
  13. CA Route 66 (5)
  14. Cartes RPM (5)
  15. Diggita (5)
  16. Diplo Week (5)
  17. Di-Xon (5)
  18. Ebaum's World (5)
  19. Global Superhero (5)
  20. Land and Hunt (5)
  21. Mike Unwalla (5)
  22. Restau Service (5)
  23. Squeeze Url (5)
  24. A1 Webmarks (4)
  25. Colivia (4)
  26. Complete Click (4)
  27. Cosap (4)
  28. Gallery MP (4)
  29. GLocal Wave (4)
  30. GWR Book (4)
  31. iKeep Bookmarks (4)
  32. Jofrati (4)
  33. Jodohkita (4)
  34. LinkaGoGo (4)
  35. Paclate (4)
  36. Softsblog (4)
  37. Webmaster Showcase (4)
  38. Zegta (4)
  39. Bildu (3)
  40. Ipoim (3)
  41. Murl (3)
  42. News Me Back (3)
  43. Add This Mark (2)
  44. Bookmark Create (2)
  45. Mesh Link Sharing (2)
  46. My Top List (2)
  47. Postolia (2)
  48. QNI Box (2)
  49. SiteJot (2)
  50. Travel Exclusively (2)
  51. Unirop (2)
  52. VGN24 (2)
  53. What is Internet (2)

  54. PLEASE NOTE: Bookmarking sites do tend to come and go, so we keep the list regularly updated. Check back often for new sites!

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

Every time you add a bookmark to one of your pages in one of these sites you create a backlink. If you bookmark every piece of content you create in all of these sites you can build a lot backlinks over time. If you are creating new content on a regular basis and bookmarking that content to multiple sites and also submitting your existing content to new sites regularly, you are bringing in a steady stream of fresh backlinks to your site over time.

IMAutomator allows you submit to tons of social bookmarking sites in just seconds and also makes it super-easy to keep your existing bookmarks submitted to new sites as they are added to the system. It is true baclink-building on auto-pilot! Start your free trial now and get 100 free credits to start.

Some Very High PR Additions

There are some very high PR bookmarking sites that are either nofollow or they use a dynamic link structure. However, leaving aside the nofollow debate for a moment, there is also a matter of traffic. If the content you are bookmarking is high quality then it could get votes from other readers and in the case of some of the big sites, getting your bookmark on the front page can result in massive amounts of traffic! In the case of particularly big sites such as Delicious, those bookmarks often get copied to many other places so one nofollow link in delicious could actually result in about a dozen links elsewhere though this tends to happen only with popular links.

In this situation I’d recommend submitting to these sites also, and just forget about whether or not they follow!

  1. Delicious (8)
  2. Digg (7)
  3. Diigo (7)
  4. Fark (7)
  5. (7)
  6. Folkd (6)
  7. Mister-Wong (6)
  8. Blinklist (6)

Note that IMAutomator supports Delicious, Diigo, Folkd and several other PR6+ sites!

What To Bookmark

Technically you can bookmark anything – you could literally bookmark every page of your website however I don’t recommend that. The idea behind social bookmarking is that you are sharing content with other users around the web. This is particularly important for high profile sites that rely heavily on the voting aspect. If you bookmark rubbish it is really just a form of spamming! I recommend only bookmarking your best content – blog posts, articles, editorials, interviews, podcasts, videos, resources and so on. This keeps everyone happy.

How to Bookmark For SEO

The purpose of this exercise is to generate backlinks to our content pages that help them rank better in Google. I’ll assume that each piece of content is optimised for some keyword. There are usually three places where you can add information:

  • The title
  • Tags
  • Description

Make sure your keyword is in all three of them. Note that the title especially usually becomes the anchor text that is used in the resulting link so the title is arguably the most important element to get right. Google has recently introduced a bunch of algorithm changes (Panda, Penguin etc) and one of the consequences of these changes is that they do not like to see the same anchor text being used over and over again - they will devalue such links!

Therefore it is important that you vary your anchor text. IMAutomator supports Spintax on every text field and in the case of bookmarks the Title field becomes your anchor text. So, make sure you use the spintax functionality to mix up your titles and thus generate lots of different variations in anchor text. You can hit several keywords at once this way!