Keeping Your PBN Sites Healthy – Part 2 (Social Signals)

If you haven’t watched the intro video to this series, have a look at that as it explains why PBN sites can decline in strength after we buy them, and shows how we can prevent that to some extent by sending links, traffic and social signals to the site.

Experimenting with Fightback Networks for Tier 2 Links

Fightback Networks PBN

A few months ago I came across Fightback Networks (FBN) which is a private blog network, or actually a whole network of networks that you can join in order to post on other people’s PBN sites in exchange for them posting on yours.

I joined and have been extensively testing it over quite a long period. It’s been through some changes recently, which I shall mention at the end of the post.

Keeping Your PBN Sites Healthy – Part 1 (Traffic)

This is the first in a short series of posts in which I talk about keeping your PBN sites healthy – in other words, to make sure that they continue to provide the ranking power that we bought them for.

I’m doing this series in video as it’s a bit too complex to show in text. First of all I have a short introductory video in which I explain how PBN sites die and my plan of attack for keeping them alive.

A Difficult Month – Family Health Scare & Financial Reality Check

I’ve only published a single post in April. Every month I like to do a review of all my goals and kind of re-think where I’m going in every aspect of my life to make sure I’m on track. April has been a difficult month for personal reasons which I don’t like to really go into too much here as of course you’re here reading because you want to know how my SEO project is going.

2016 SEO Case Study #7 – First Sales & Another Little Money Site

seo case studyI’ve had some personal issues over the last couple of weeks that have severely reduced the time I had available for work. I was conducting another sleep experiment in an attempt to reduce the amount of sleep I need but just as I was almost at the end of that, and on my final day, I had a call from my brother to say that my Mum was in hospital.

2016 SEO Case Study #6 – New Money Site – Going Local

seo case studySpam Penalty Lifted

In the last update I talked about having 2 expired domains which I had purchased for my PBN that turned out to have a manual spam penalty on them. The first of these has been lifted :-) All I did was restore the site from an old version on Wayback machine and then submit a reconsideration request to Google and waited.