2016 SEO Case Study #7 – First Sales & Another Little Money Site

seo case studyI’ve had some personal issues over the last couple of weeks that have severely reduced the time I had available for work. I was conducting another sleep experiment in an attempt to reduce the amount of sleep I need but just as I was almost at the end of that, and on my final day, I had a call from my brother to say that my Mum was in hospital.

2016 SEO Case Study #6 – New Money Site – Going Local

seo case studySpam Penalty Lifted

In the last update I talked about having 2 expired domains which I had purchased for my PBN that turned out to have a manual spam penalty on them. The first of these has been lifted :-) All I did was restore the site from an old version on Wayback machine and then submit a reconsideration request to Google and waited.

2016 SEO Case Study #5 – 3 Money Sites & 21 PBN Sites

seo case study

PBN Growth Is Slow

In the last update I had bought a PBN site which turned out to have a spam penalty. I restored the site and submitted a re-inclusion request to Google using a spare GWT account. I’m still waiting… And annoyingly, a second site that I bought now turns out to have a spam penalty *sigh*.

How I Got Scammed Buying ‘Unique’ Content

I have been the victim of a scam involving content which is sold as being “unique, original content guaranteed to pass Copyscape” that is actually complete garbage, provides no SEO benefit and can actually get you penalized in Google! Read on for the explanation of how this happened and how to avoid it yourself.

unique content scam

2016 SEO Case Study #4 – 3 Money Sites & 17 PBN Sites

pbn case studyThis post is part of my 2016 SEO Case Study series. Please do check out the earlier posts!

New PBN Sites in Testing

I’ve managed to do a little better on the PBN front and I now have 17 sites in my network, though I am not using all of them yet. There’s a series of steps I go through with a new PBN site:

How To Find Free, Unique Content in Any Niche (Free Ebook)

I have been working on writing a short, but useful ebook for you guys. It outlines a technique that I have been using for a long time to find unique (original content that passes Copyscape) content in any niche – you just plug in keywords. The content is free but the technique can take a little time. I generally use this content for my PBNs & any Tier 2 links.