SEO Case Study #6 – Multiple Money Sites For Testing Link Building Strategies

SEO Case Study #6

Since my last entry in this case study series I did actually put out a couple of posts showing where I had a huge ranking drop from a seemingly rogue PBN, followed by a steady climb of 45 positions without really knowing why. I should have put those posts into this series really but never mind.

Rankings Climb 45 Spots! But Why?

A month ago I showed the result on my rankings of a link from a bad PBN. After I removed the PBN link (for the second time!) the rank popped back up to where it had been previously, which was hovering around ~100.

Now this is much lower than it had been in September when I had an unexplained drop in rankings from ~70 to ~100. Today the graph looks better:

Can a Single PBN Link Tank a Site?

Take a look at this:

Massive ranking drop from a PBN link

Massive ranking drop from a PBN link

What you’re seeing here is my Serpfox graph for the main money keyword that I am tracking at the moment in the SEO series that I have been posting. Here’s what happened:

6th – I added a link from a new PBN domain I had built. The domain looked very clean, had good metrics etc. The article used to house the link was unique and high quality.

SEO Case Study #5 – Fluctuating Rankings


It’s been 2 months since I last posted an update in this series. I should be making oodles of money by now right? Perhaps, but not quite. Progress has been kinda steady but rather slow.


First of all let me show you the graph for my money keyword. Currently this is showing as around 18k searches per month (22k when I first started so I hope it’s not a downward trend!)

Oops, Hosting Boo-Boo!

Some of you may have noticed that the blog has been offline for almost a week! Last weekend I got an email from Bluehost saying that my hosting plan was about to expire. I assumed that was like 30 days away or something but no, it was due to expire the next day! And of course, it had to be a Sunday when I was busy with family and not online!

SEO Case Study #4 – A Number 1 Ranking On My New Site


At the end of the last post in the series I had registered a brand new domain, added a single page of content to it (a high quality page), added a handful of links and within a week it was ranking #3 for the brand name of the site.

That was on the 15th May. Here’s where I am with that now: (click for clearer image)


SEO Case Study #3 – February – May Catch Up!


I knew when I restarted blogging again a few months ago that I might be haphazard and go months without posting so apologies for that! I actually had 3 draft posts for this series all written up which I didn’t get around to posting but now things have changed so I need to post an update!

SEO Case Study #2 – Niche / Keyword Evaluation

seo case study 02

I am working in a niche that I never thought I would enter because I thought it was just too competitive. However, I actually saw my particular keyword featured on a training course! I wont say which one as that could be a giveaway :-)

SEO Case Study #1 – Introduction

seo case study #1 - introduction

For the last few months I have been tinkering around with SEO a bit, making lots of mistakes and also making some notes. I know the ‘case study’ style of posts that I used to write a few years ago were always popular so I thought I may as well post here now.

Though I won’t be revealing any keywords or domains as that just compromises the results. So, first a little background…