Sneak Preview of my Upcoming Free Ebook…

How to find free, unique content in any niche

This is something I have just started working on and will be writing during February. It will be a short guide to finding unique (passes Copyscape) content online in any niche that you want that you can use for PBNs or whatever at no cost. It’s a technique I have used a LOT for my PBNs.

The ebook will be a little freebie :-)

2016 SEO Case Study #2 – Organisation & a New Money Site

SEO Case Study 2016 #2

My first week or so as a member of OMG Machines was a little overwhelming; there is just so much training in there. Plus, as I had joined several weeks into January there was also quite a backlog of webinars from the coaches just from this year.

Getting Started & Getting Organised

I’ve spent quite a lot of time watching training videos and some essential webinars that were recommended as good places to start. I’ve already learned a ton!

Is IPNetworX Still Safe for PBN Hosting?

IPNetworX for PBN hosting

A year or two ago everybody was raving about IPNetworx being the best place to host your PBNs as they went to huge efforts to completely eliminate any trace of a footprint that could be detected by Google.

But recently they seem to have been coming under attack more and more from people in the SEO industry, particularly on some Facebook groups that I frequent quite often. The guys at OMG also have stopped using IPNetworX.

2016 SEO Case Study #1 – My Strategy for 2016

2016 SEO Case Study 01 - 2016 Strategy

New year, new start! I’ve decided to just start over this SEO series rather than continuing from my posts from last year. I will be continuing where I left off, but now that I have joined OMG Machines, this changes my strategy to quite a large extent!

Experiments With GSA Search Engine Ranker, Social Bookmarks & Captcha Solving

This is a post I had written about a year ago and for some reason I had left as draft and I forgot about it. But there’s a lot of useful data in here so I thought I would publish it :-) Bear in mind that the numbers and data I talk about here are from the original post which was dated December 2014.

I Have Joined OMG Machines Project Assimilation 2016!

I first heard about OMG Machines a year or two ago from Alex Becker when I was going through his training on his Source Wave site. Back then he was teaching a lot of SEO stuff and he would often talk about the people that he learned from – Mike Long & Greg Morrison from OMG.

My New Sleep Hacking Blog is Live

Just before New Year had a bit of a crisis moment and wasn’t sure I was going in 2016, and a few days later I decided to divide up my week so that each day had a focused theme to allow me to clarify what I was working on and leave space for new projects.

Dividing Up My Work Week & Leaving Space For New Projects

Right before New Year I had a mini meltdown wondering if I was going in the right direction with my work this year.

I didn’t really come up with any earth shattering conclusions in that both but I certainly noticed how my progress with my SEO work had been excruciatingly slow due to my lack of interest in actually building the money sites.

Where Am I Going in 2016? Major Last Minute Crisis!

I thought I had my 2016 all planned out. I started in early December thinking through exactly what I want to achieve next year and also decided to invest in some nice Goal Tracking software to make the process more concrete and allow me to plan my activities better.

Keeping Your PBNs Alive With Free Tools

If you build out your PBN sites on separate web hosts and you use a different persona with each one as I do, it can sometimes go unnoticed if a site goes down.

I’ve actually had this a few times, mostly my own fault of course but not always:

  • One site went down as the hosting was on a 6 month plan (not 1 year like most of the others) and I forgot to renew it.