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I’m now on the ‘Caroline’ Diet!

I’m done with Atkins and with Paleo! Can’t do it anymore! The last few days even though I didn’t have any actual physical cravings as such I just can’t stop thinking about all the yummy food I want to eat. I don’t mean junk food – I mean real, wholesome food. Honestly if wheat & rice are going to kill me off 10 years early or whatever then fine, I’ll take the tradeoff because I am a foodie! I have shelves packed full of cookbooks that I actually use, I watch food channels on TV and I even want to do some food related road trips! I can’t eat this way for the rest of my life. I feel so much better now I said it!

Week 7 (Week 1 Atkins): -3.4 Lbs

I have survived a full week of the Atkins diet! It appears to have paid off – I have lost 3.4lbs in weight and dropped around 1.5 inches from my stomach. My hips & thigh measurement are about the same. I don’t know how much of this is actual fat loss and how much is water loss – I guess the 2nd week results will be more revealing.

Another Attempt at Carb Reduction

I’m fairly sure I have lost a little weight this week but it’s not much (less than a pound) and I am going out for a meal tomorrow night so that could potentially set me back. Even though the Paleo / Primal diet is not necessarily a low carb diet, when I read about the diet in relation to weight loss the message seems clear – it’s all about insulin and thus carbohydrate intake. Over the last few weeks I have made dramatic improvements to my diet – cutting out entire groups if food with only a few very minor exceptions and yet I have lost very little weight so far. Even though fat loss is a secondary concern – I still would like to drop the bulk of my excess fat in time for the summer!

Week 5 (New Year Week) – No Change :-(

This week I’ve been trying so hard to keep the carbs even lower than usual in an attempt to undo the Christmas / New Year gains and start losing consistently again and I think it backfired on me. I have been eagerly weighing myself just about every day this week and this morning on weigh day there’s no change from last week’s weight which is hugely frustrating.

Calories do still count on Paleo, Damn!

I have finally got around to reading the chapter on ‘Effortless Weight Loss’ in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. I was under the impression based on what I had read previously that all you needed to do in order to lose fat was to stay in the 50-100g carbs a day range. I keep hearing on Robb Wolf’s podcast that when you’re following a Paleo lifestyle that calories don’t matter. It seems that is not the whole story…

2012 Starts Here and Kettlebell Swing Challenge Increased!

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and now I am back to my as-clean-as-possible Paleo diet & lifestyle. This week I’m low on the carbs, no tubers, lots of protein and daily exercise in the form of my January Kettlebell Swing Challenge.